Monday, January 18, 2010

Fergie The Digital Dutchess

Sure. You know about her humps. But did you know that supahstar Fergie has been deep sea fishing since she was 7 years old? Or how about the fact that she was the voice of Sally on the Charlie Brown cartoons back in the 80s? I didn't either—until I worked with her on our latest HP Hands TV spot. We had big shoes to fill, since hot shots like Jay-Z, Vera Wang and Michel Gondry had already done their own versions of the commercial. We partnered with Grammy award-winning director Mathew Cullen from Motion Theory (yup, I said Grammy.) who threw all kinds of stuff at her—crazy camera moves, intricate choreography and even a little improvised singing. La Fergs handled it all like a pro. Did I mention Matt wanted this all done in one shot? Oh yeah. The end result was Fergalicious indeed.

Awards: Winner AICP awards, Graphic Design