Saturday, February 2, 2008

Orbit: Snoop Dogg

Orbit Gum helped Snoop Dogg clean up his dirty mouth—and now he wanted to talk to you about yours. Vistors to our “Heaven and Hell” themed site could enter in their phone number to receive a personal call from Snoop—or send one to a friend.  There was also a secret "Behind the Scenes" area on the site which could only be accessed once you got a password from Snoop's call. Sneaky.

Snoop was hilarious and delivered his lines like a pro. You can listen to both versions of the call here and  here. The clients were a little nervous that the copy wasn't going to be "authentic" and said that they wanted us to ask Snoop to improvise on set.  I had an awesome moment of vindication when Snoop said that the dialogue was cool "as is" and he didn't want to change a thing. He also said my necklace was dope, so I'm two for two with rappers liking my bling.

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